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Red Bull Want Their Own Wrooom
Sunday 20th January 2013

Not The F1 News - Another Unreliable Report

Britta and Sebastian - a folk duo just waiting to happen

Ferrari have just finished a week of publicity and headline-grabbing interviews, recorded at their annual ski event - Wrooom - in the Dolomite region of Italy. Now, multiple World Champs Red Bull have decided they want to get in on the act, too, byhaving their own midwinter event. OffonF1.com has received a leaked memo from the media agency that has been asked to come up with an alternative winter festival to grab the Austrian drinks company a share of the limelight.

Memo to: Dieter Mateschitz
From: Klaus Kirchbaum, Gunther Steiner Creative Agency, Vienna
CC: Helmut Marko, Christian Horner, Franz Tost

Re: Red Bull’s Wrooom-style Event

Herr Mateschitz, Gentlemen: As you know I have been tasked with coming up with an event to rival Ferrari’s Wrooom gathering in Madonna di Campaglia. This is a highly successful and high profile media event that creates a lot of attention and publicity, which the Red Bull organisation could be profiting from in what is traditionally a slow media month.

I have had our very best agency creatives come up with a plan for a rival gathering featuring the Red Bull F1 family– and I think we can put on quite a show.

Provisional title for event: (You Gotta) Tyrol With It!

Tyrolean Evening/Tiroler Abend: We will ask Adrian Newey, Christian, Sebastian and Mark to dress up in lederhosen for a typical evening of thigh slapping and cheek slapping fun. Maybe a bit of wood chopping also, all to the sound of a Tyrolean brass band.

The Sound of Music: Sebastian’s favourite film is The Sound of Music, so we would recreate a scene from the film – the one where they have the music competition in Salzburg. Only this time it would be a song competition between Toro Rosso (Daniel and Jean-Eric) versus Red Bull (Sebastian and Mark)

The Hottest Dirndl: Assemble some grid girls in traditional Austrian dress but with a twist – it is a competition to judge who is wearing the hottest dirndl in town. No nipples, obviously.

Alpine Horn Blowing: See which of the F1 personnel is man enough to handle and blow a big alpine horn. Maybe Christian will like to go first.

Folk songs with Franz (or Tost the Host): Franz Tost will host an evening of folk song and accompany Britta Roeske (Seb’s press officer) on accordion.

Let me know your thoughts on this line-up. The alternative would be to get the Red Bull Extreme Sports teams together with the FI people and have a great big party, but I think that lacks the cultural impetus that I have proposed.