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FIA Issues New Driver Warning
Saturday 10th November 2012

Not The F1 News - Another Unreliable Report

“Yes, you can still say Gurney flaps”

Following what has become known as the ‘Debacle at Abu Dhabi’ the FIA have brought in some very strict guidelines about F1 drivers’ behaviour in the future.

Following the race at Yas Marina last weekend Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen hit the news headlines after swearing in post-race interviews on the podium by David Coulthard. Now the Head of Media at the FIA, Norman Howell has issued what he calls a ‘friendly advisory note’ to all the teams about their drivers’ future conduct in podium ceremonies.

The FIA have taken no risks and have made it the responsibility of each team principal, who must now go through a strict list of dos and donts for the podium ceremony with each driver. Off on F1.com has obtained a list of the memorandum.

Memorandum to Team Principals. Please make sure your drivers are aware of the following rules.

1.Pirelli caps must be taken off to show respect for each national anthem while it is played in full.

2. Drivers should shake hands with dignitaries presenting the trophy, or other podium dignitaries who should offer a handshake.

3. Wait until podium officials have left the podium before spraying the champagne.

4. Do not swear or act in an un-co-operative manner during the podium interviews.

5. Do not wear your Pirelli cap sideways or back-to-front.

6. Do not spray champagne over the grid girls. Even the really fit ones.

7. Do not wear the trophy you’ve just been given as a hat.

8. Do not make bunny ears behind your fellow drivers’ heads during the podium photos.

9. Do not make offensive hand gestures, such as single digit or ‘he’s a bit of a wanker’.

10. Do not grab or attempt to grab a fellow driver’s nadgers.

11. Do not go moshing off the front of the podium.

12. Do not bear your arse to TV cameras.

13. Do not try and wedge the trophy you’ve just been given into the bodily crevice of another driver or other team personnel.

14. Remember to help Michael Schumacher down from the podium steps once the ceremony is over – he’s not as young as he was*

* this last one probably won’t be necessary now.