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Caterham Admit “We Lost KERS Booklet”
Thursday 22nd November 2012

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Vitaly gobsmacked

The Caterham team have finally come clean and admitted why they have fallen behind Marussia in qualifying.

Last weekend at the USGP, the Marussia team qualified both cars, which don’t have the benefit of KERS, in front of the Caterhams, which do. Now it has emerged that although the Caterhams have got the Renault KERS system, they haven’t been running it since Japan because they lost the instruction manual,

An unofficial spokeswoman for the team said:  “You know what it’s like with men. They think they know how everything works. So while it was working properly the manual got put to one side. Now it’s acting up they can’t find the booklet.”.

One rumour doing the rounds is that it’s somewhere down the back of Mike Gascoyne’s sofa. Caterham hope to have recovered it before Friday practice at Interlagos - although many in the pitlane have given them the sound advice, “have you tried switching it off and switching it on?”