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BBC Guilty of Passing Off Jordan DNA
Saturday 16th February 2013

Pic Sutton

The BBC team with ‘Father Jack’ at the back

Despite the BBC Grand Prix team repeatedly making reference to the fact that the Force India team “had Jordan DNA” during programmes in 2012, the FSA (Formula 1 Standards Authority) now say the claims were entirely false.

Following in the wake of the horsemeat scandal, investigators at the FSA have reported that they found no traces of Jordan DNA in the Force India team. And that it was, in fact, 100% Force India

A spokesman for the FSA accused the BBC of trying to pass off the old Jordan team as a modern, forward-looking F1 team like Force India whereas in reality they were just a bunch of chancers who got lucky with a works Honda deal. There was no connection at all.

The BBC declined to comment although a spokesman for the programme, believed to be one of the presenters, shouted down the phone: “Arse! Feck! Drink! Girls!”

* In a separate investigation, inspectors found small amounts of the Force-India VJM05 in the Lotus/Caterham.