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Smedley “Would Like To Punch” Massa
Wednesday 27th November 2013

“And if you touch my XBox one more time…”

Felipe Massa’s engineer Rob Smedley isn’t known for threats of physical violence, but after the race at Interlagos he revealed the rough-and-tumble nature of the duo’s relationship.

Smedley was being interviewed by the BBC team following widespread reports that he might be packing his bags at the Scuderia and heading off to Williams with Massa next year.

Although Andrea Stella has engineered Kimi Raikkonen in the past, it’s unlikely that Ferrari would take him away from Fernando Alonso next season. That would leave the taciturn Raikkonen with the talkative Smedley - thought not to be a winning combination.

Asked about his relationship with Massa Rob admitted, “He’s like a little brother. And like a little brother sometimes you want to grab him and punch him in the face two or three times.”

Particularly when they keep putting four wheels over the white line when they’ve been warned not to…