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Lewis’s Letters to God
Monday 4th March 2013

As pre-ordained by the man upstairs (Pic:Sutton)

What have Lewis Hamilton and Aretha Franklin got in common? Well, Aretha had a hit with I Say A Little Prayer (For You). And during final testing in Barcelona last week we found out that Lewis Hamilton also seeks intervention from the Big G.

Asked how he felt about Adrian Sutil’s return to the F1 paddock, Lewis was quite candid in his reply. “I emailed him a while ago when I heard he might be getting the seat and I just said I would say a prayer for him and hope he gets it because he really deserves it and I hoped to see him back in F1.”

And his prayer was answered.

We’ve gone back over the last season and found out how successful Lewis has been in other requests and which of his previous prayers to the almighty have been answered and which were thrown out…

Dear God Please can you let Adrian Sutil have the second Force India seat.
Note from God: This is pushing it after I got a race seat for your brother, but okay.

Dear God Please can Paddy Lowe join Mercedes as I’m struggling to make friends at my new team.
Note from God: Don’t confuse me with Niki Lauda, sort this one out yourself.

Dear God Please can Stevenage win the FA Cup this season.
Note from God: I can perform wonders, but it’s Jesus you need to see for miracles.

Dear God Please can my friend, my bestest buddy Fernando win the Brazilian GP.
Note from God: Sorry, I’ve got money on this one.

Dear God Please can I win the very first grand prix in Austin, Texas, as I really want to impress Nicole’s family.
Note from God: Trust in the power of an HRT during the race – like myself, they move in mysterious ways.

Dear God Will you give me guidance as to where my future should lie – Mercedes or Mclaren?
Note from God: It’s Mercedes, isn’t it. Didn’t you learn that there is only one true god, and I am the only true deity with a three-letter-name, with the middle letter being an ‘O’ – not R.O.N.

Dear God Please can you help McLaren reliability as I thought I was going to win the Singapore GP and the car just stopped.
Note from God: I’ve had way too many people asking about this one.

Dear God Please can you help me get back together with Nicole
Note from God: You look good together, and she gives you energy, so yes, I wholeheartedly approve. You make a lovely couple. And of course the more time she’s hanging out at grands prix, the less time she’s singing…