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Letter From Luigi
Monday 3rd December 2012

“What’s a matter you, Bernie, gotta no respect…?”  (Pic: Sutton)

Luigi Montezemolo has been having a go at Bernie Ecclestone for being old and out of touch. Now he’s written a letter to be sent out to all members of the Maranello Fan Club. Off on F1.com got a sneak preview…

Bella Tifosi

You know a me for some time. I speaka from the heart and when I speak to you I say eesa not right, eesa not fair. Eesa not fair for Bernie to call us the complete joke. So I explain you something.

People they say now – hey that Ferrari team - they are the bad a sport asking the question whether Vettel eesa really the World Champion. But we have the deep and sincere duty to our fans to finda the truth.

After the result we receive thousands of e.mails and letters asking us to look at film of the race. We say, we don’ wan’ to interfere. What you can do? But nearly 2000 enquiries we receive. And all from village in Asturias. Mr and Mrs Alonso.

They say their pussy cat-a hide because Fernando come a home and keek it so much. Every time Domingo the cat hear the word “Interlagos” he run for the catflap.

Anyway, we looka at the film real hard and we see that the green flag eesa marginally waved and we say, well okay, “lucky this time.”

But I no take-a the advice from the old midget man. Bernie he eesa so very old he make Silvio Berlusconi look like Brad Pitt. Now that eesa old. He needa the nurse to sorta himself out.

Now Mamma say to me, Luigi, shudduppa ya face. The nice man with silver hair feex us with the top prize money guaranteed every year, what more you want. I say no mama eesa principle. We no do testa no more. When Stefano fur cuppa the design, it take-a the whole season to sort it out. And we have a track-a by the factory. We no use. Eesa crazy

So I take-a no advice from the old man. I give-a the warmest sincere congratulations to Vettel for sneaking home just in front of the magnificent scuderia and next season we getta Senna to hit him good and proper.

Ciao and Forza!

Luigi M.