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F1 Team Radio Unscrambled
Monday 14th October 2013

And don’t try that “My radio is broken!” routine…

Listening in to team radio gives a fascinating insight into any grand prix. But it also helps the opposition. To counteract this the team’s engineers often use coded messages. Last weekend in Japan, Rob Smedley’s ‘coded’ message to Felipe Massa didn’t require much codebreaking. Off on F1.com looks at some other typical messages and what they really mean…

Ferrari’s Rob Smedley
Message: “Multi-Function Strategy A”
Means:  “Get the hell out of Fernando’s way”

Red Bull’s Rocky
Message: “Multi 21, Seb”
Means: “Hold position and don’t make us get Christian on the radio”

Red Bull’s Rocky
Message: “Your front-right tyre is too hot”
Means: “Don’t try and have another go at the fastest lap”

Mercedes Pete Bonnington
Message: “Lewis, you are target -10”
Means:  “You’ve really shagged the tyres again”

Sauber Race Engineer
Message: “Esteban, that’s three clicks forward”
Means: “i.e. the opposite direction to the way you’ve just switched it.”

Ferrari’s Rob Smedley
Message:  “Fernando is Faster Than You
Means:  “Press Multi-Function Boost B.”

McLaren’s Dave Robson
Message: “Yellow G8 please”
Means: “If we try enough buttons something will work eventually.”

Red Bull’s Simon Rennie
Message: “Mark, KERS to Map 12.”
Means:  “Yeah, it’s broken again.”

Lotus’s Mark Slade
Message:  “Don’t forget to work all four tyres.”
Means: “Yes, yes, yes, - you’re not doing all of that.”

Mercedes’ Tony Ross
Message:  “We think diff magic is latched”
Means: “Come on, use your magic paddle, Nico.”