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Sebastian Vettel’s Family Album
Saturday 6th April 2013

In the wake of the rumpus at Sepang caused by Sebastian Vettel snatching a win from Mark Webber - when he was told to stay behind - Sebastian’s Great Uncle Gerhard has been digging out the family photo album.

It appears that Sebastian’s always been a bit of a ‘wilde kinde’, since he was a baby. The young Vettel insisted that he got his own way from a very early age. Gerhard has been talking to OffonF1 about the little tyke:

“Ja, Sebastian vos always playing up to the tricks as a boy, especially with the rest of his kindergarten class. This is a picture of him with his cousins aged two years old. He has just eaten half little Kirsten’s flowers. She is not so happy. As I think you can see.”

Family Album: Picture Two