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Sergio’s Mum Slates Kimi Raikkonen
Saturday 1st June 2013

Kimi wearing his 2014 hat in 2011 (Photo:Sutton)

At the last grand prix in Monaco, Kimi Raikkonen and Sergio Perez had a coming together that sent Checo into the barriers and gave Kimi a puncture. Kimi suggested that someone should punch Perez in the face to stop him making moves like that, despite the stewards ruling that it was a racing accident.

Now there has been a furious reaction from Sergio’s mum. OffonF1.com managed to get a copy of the e.mail sent to the Lotus team warning about the consequences

Hey señor Kimi Raikkonen

I have the big bones to pick with you.

I read on the internet what you say about my little Checo, who is a good boy, who hurts no-one and who I tell you is the pride of my heart.

You say someone should give him the punch to the face. But not you, no? Not you - because you like to act the cool guy – who doesn’t open his mouth much . But I know you are not cool. You play badminton.

Let me tell you señor Raikkonen, I have read all about you – oh yes. I hear about how you go to nightclubs with your trousers at your ankles and your bola bolso in your hands. Some kind of piece of work you are.

Checo, he tell me all the stories. I hear how the very great Ferrari team hate you so much they pay you off a year early, to get you the hell out of there.

They hire a real man. Fernando
I hear how you are no big deal with the rally car and give up because you cannot win. They ask you to drive between the trees but you cannot do this because you always drive into the trees. ‘Oh, here comes a tree. I will drive into it.’ That is your rally career.

I hear how señor Ecclestone say you are the worst World Champion they ever had – ever ever ever had. Even the late Jochen Rindt – a dear friend of our own Pedro Rodriguez, may his soul rest in peace – was a better representative for the F1 than you.

You better listen up good to me, because my Checo looks like a calm and peaceful niño but wait till you get him angry and he is the worst bull strangler you are likely to meet on a dark night.

So just you remember this – someone punches him, I come and punch you.

Hasta la vista, basura
Maria Perez de los Angeles Castro-Arroyo, Hildago-Fernandez.