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Rumours Fly About El Grumpo
Monday 9th September 2013

Not the F1 News - Another Unreliable Report

“Somebody lose the ‘pig’ between here and Singapore”

Fernando Alonso may have come second at Ferrari’s home grand prix, but he gave every impression of being even grumpier than Lewis Hamilton after the race.

There have been many theories put forward as to why Ferrari’s No.1 driver was in a strop even before he got on the radio to the team in qualifying. Here are some of the rumours doing the rounds:

1) As a Real Madrid fan he really didn’t think his favourite club should be spending 100 million euros on Gareth Bale

2) He didn’t appreciate being sent a knife “to put between your teeth” by Luca Montezemolo as he never has any fun on ‘Speak Like A Pirate Day’.

3) His girlfriend made him stick the pink Good Luck Pig on his locker again.

4) During Qualifying his i-Pod switched from ‘Shuffle’ to ‘Genius’ and played Mama Mia at a crucial moment.

5) Felipe Massa was going to go halves with him in sponsoring the Euskatel cycling team next season, provided he got his contract renewed…

6) Kimi Raikkonen’s coming back to Maranello and that means Fernando will have to do 150% of the sponsor events, as Raikkonen (unlike Massa) doesn’t speak Italian and he doesn’t speak PR.