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Mercedes Develop New Stealth Helmet
Thursday 27th June 2013

Not The F1 News - Another Unreliable Report

Woah - there’s a photographer! No it isn’t. Yes it is.

In the wake of Pirelli test-gate, the Mercedes team have been developing new helmet technology. At the recent International Tribunal in Paris, team boss Ross Brawn was very apologetic that his drivers had been lapping Circuit de Catalunya disguised in black helmets.

“We regret now the decision of our drivers to wear black helmets,” said Brawn. “We do acknowledge that this part of the test aroused suspicions and it is regrettable.”

Now his backroom boys have come up with a technical breakthrough every bit as clever as the Mercedes double DRS system.

At a flick of a switch on the steering wheel, a layer of ions in the helmet’s outer skin become positively charged and change from black to yellow. This will allow drivers to switch from ‘Mr. Anonymous’ to ‘Lewis Hamilton’ the second a journalist or photographer is spotted at the side of the track.

Some members of the team would like to take the technology a stage further and apply it to a message on the bodywork that is usually blank but at a flickof a switch can be change to ‘**** Off Red Bull” as they pass the pits.