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Hamilton Banned For Choosing ‘Scissors’
Saturday 12th May 2012

Not The F1 News - Another Unreliable Report

Photo: Sutton Images

Lewis Hamilton has been sensationally banned from the Spanish Grand Prix for failing to choose the right hand shape in the post-qualifying photo.

Stewards made their judgememt after hastily pencilling in a rule that pole position could be taken away from the polesitter if they failed in a game of Stones, Scissors, Paper.

The McLaren driver thought he had clinched P1 but stewards have sent him to the back of the grid after he chose ‘scissors’ in the Top 3 photo. Fernando Alonso safely chose ‘paper’ while Pastor Maldonado went for ‘stone’.

The stewards ruled that although scissor cuts paper, Fernando Alonso was one car away from him, so he had to choose a sign that beat Pastor Maldonado’s ‘stone’. Had Lewis chosen ‘paper’ like Alonso he would have been safe.

A reflective Lewis told reporters: “In future I’m going to stick to Sebastian’s tried and tested finger - the ‘I’ve got a bogey up my nose, here it is, look’ pose” They can’t take pole away from me for that.”

Editor’s note - the photo has not been altered in any way