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Bloke Who Hands Caps Out Gets New Job
Sunday 25th August 2013

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This isn’t a Rolex or a Hublot…

The Belgian Grand Prix may have been a bit predictable after the first few laps, but in a sensational move, the man known as ‘the bloke who hands the caps out after the race’ has got a new job.

The always immaculately dressed Alexandre Molina, who choreographs the podium ceremony, stepped into the fray at Spa as a protest buster.

Whereas F1 fans are used to him appearing for just two minutes while the drivers immerse themselves in a towel, gulp down water and say things like “Multi 21, Seb” after the Belgian Grand prix he stepped onto the podium to take down posters craftily erected by Greenpeace.

So in addition to his skills at handing out towels, caps and water, and indicating which door to walk out of, Alexandre can add Podium Clearance to his cv.

Given this spontaneous versatility, F1 bosses are working out if they can heap even more tasks on the sharp-suited Signor Molina, who obviously reacts well in a crisis.