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OffonF1.com is not a particularly serious website. Here’s the test. Go to the cupboard where the coats are kept.

Look at yours. Is there an anorak among them? Yes? You’re barred! Off onF1 is not for anoraks.

It’s for people who appreciate that although it provides gripping drama both on and off the track, there is something slightly absurd about spending $3 billion a year making 24 cars go reasonably fast around a tarmac loop, when the icecaps are melting, there’s drought, famine, pestilence and war etc.

But then again… when you consider that a trillion dollars are spent by half the world’s population on imaginary friends, that makes it quite good value for money. And F1 only requires demonstrative devotion 20 times a year.

In charge of your pastoral care are Andrew Davies, Dave Jorgensen, Frank Hopkinson and Frank Cook (Frank Junior) who have worked for a number of important-sounding organisations over the years including the BBC, ITV, IPC magazines, Haymarket magazines, T3, Rivals.net, Planet F1 and Butlin’s.